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A little about myself...I am a single parent with a tall and handsome

6-year-old. He enjoys making cakes and desserts like his mom. ​​


My first bakery job was in 1998. I worked there for 5 years and learned a lot! I was sad when I left but I wanted to be able to create cool cakes and not just Deco pack cakes. I graduated with a Culinary Arts, Patisserie & Confectionery Degree from the Culinary Institute of the Pacific. I got to learn more about the technique and structure of desserts. I continued my education at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. I graduated with my Bachelors in Hotel & Hospitality Management. Over the 3 decades I have cooked, baked and managed many restaurants and private clubs.

I decided with all the knowledge I gained from work experience and school training I’ll make cakes full time and expand into Farmer's Markets selling desserts. Be my own boss, live my passion and make my own schedule so I can have quality time for my son.

Currently we are opening our first store located at Pearl Kai Shopping Center next to Hot Pot Shabu Shabu. We will be offering an assortment of desserts, cakes, snacks and celebration supplies for your special event! We will be offering small plate food items too. On the weekend we will be offering baking classes on Saturday's to children & youth and in the evening we will have baking classes for adults, couples or 'friends night out."  

If you noticed that our volunteer's that work here are youth and senior citizens please be patient and kind with them. We are a unique bakery that helps as a training center for underprivileged youth to attain work experience. With this work experience they receive will help them get a better chance of a job in society.  Our hopes is help themselves to be independent and to help their family financially.  Our senior's want to feel needed in society. They have a lot of life left in them and need something routinely to do. Our senior's contribute their time when they want to. Please be patient and kind to our senior they may not be fast, or can hear or see very well.  Please be patient with our youth they are learning day to day too. 

Thank you for reading about our company CeCe Patisserie!

Please contact us for your next event! 808.429.0392

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